Sake Awards 2024

May 2024

Australian Sake Awards

Australian Sake Awards is the International Sake Competition held in Sydney, Australia. A pre-selected Australian jury of judges tastes and judges the sake entries to the competition and selects the sake that is preferred in the Australian market.

The judges are made up of professionals, such as Australian sommeliers, sake retailers, food and beverage industry professionals, sake qualification holders, and sake importers and wholesalers. Each judge is required to attend a sake lecture for judges in advance to learn more about sake and attend the judging.

The competition aims to communicate the diverse attractions of sake to the consumer and develop sake experts with the goal to contribute to the long-term development of the Australian market.

Key Dates for 2024

Thursday, 4th January, 2024

Entry opens

Thursday, 29th February 2024

Entry deadline

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March, 2024

Sake receipt date (to designated warehouse in Japan) by

Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th May, 2024

Judging day

Monday, 10th June 2024

Award-winning sake announcement (website)

Thursday, 26th September 2024

Awards ceremony (Sydney, Australia)

Entry Requirement for competition sake

Entry Subject

Sake that can be entered is limited to legally licensed products to be produced and sold in Australia or is scheduled to be sold in Australia this year.

Competition Category

Beginning with this year's competition, the judging panel will employ two evaluation methods: "Regular Competition" and "Food Matching Competition".

Rather than categorising sake types based on labels, this unique competition focuses on the characteristics of each sake and its compatibility with food. This approach aims to delve even deeper into the preferences of Australians and the Australian market.

Both the "Regular Competition" and "Food Matching Competition“ consists of five categories.

1: Regular Competition

In the Regular Competition, please select the most suitable category for each sake entry and enter it.

This assessment is structured into categories that broadly classify the characteristics of each sake into five groups, regardless of the label notation of the sake type.

2: Food Matching Competition

This assessment will emphasize the exceptional compatibility of the sake with a carefully selected array of five ingredients and dishes

commonly enjoyed by Australians when they have any alcohol. For each sake entry in the Regular Competition, choose the food

category below that you believe complements it best.

For each sake entry submitted to the Regular Competition, you can select from 0 to 2 categories (max) within theavailable food categories

For more detailed information, please confirm the Entry page.

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About the Jury

The judging panel is comprise of individuals involved in the sake and wine industry, including sommeliers, personnel from liquor stores and food services, certified sake experts, and those handling Japanese sake in import and wholesale. The panel consists of 50 to 80 Australian individuals, inclusive of a diverse range of residents, who have attended two lectures organized by the association prior to the event.

Judging Method

Blind contest format (no brands or labels are visible to the jury).

On the day of the competition, the room where the sake is judged is windless, out of direct sunlight and at a temperature of around 20°C. The temperature of the sake is approximately 12°C to 14°C, with the exception of sparkling sake, which is judged in the range of approximately 5°C to 7°C. The glasses used are wine glasses.

Each judge tastes approximately 50 different types of sake on the day of the competition and assigns a score to each sake entry. The evaluation method is an 10-point scoring system. The highest scoring sake from each category is selected.

Award Categories

Regular Competition:

- Platinum Award:the top-ranked sake in each regular competition category is selected.
- Gold Award:top 20% of the total number of sakes entered in each regular competition category.
- Sessionable Award:top 10% of the total number of sakes voted by judges

Food Matching Competition:

- Best Food Matching Award:the top-ranked sake in each food matching category is selected.
- Recommended Food Matching Award:top 20% of the total number of sakes entered in each food matching category.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Jury page.

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