Entry Schedule for Jury

Entry Period for Jury: 1 February, 2024 - 29 February, 2024
1st Online Judges Briefing & Lecture Saturday, 23 March, 2024
2nd Online Judges Briefing and Lecture Saturday, 20 April, 2024
Judging day

Day 1: Saturday 18 May, 2024, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Day 2: Sunday 19 May, 2024, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Venue: Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Sydney 2000, Australia

Award-winning sake announcement Monday, 10 June, 2024
Awards ceremony Thursday, 26 September 2024 *TBD in Sydney
Maximum Number of Juries for 2024 ASA 80 people
* If the total number of applications exceeds the limit, a draw will be held to determine the winner.
* Final Jury announcement will be made on 5 March 2024

Requirement to become a jury

  • Australian citizens (including multinational Australian permanent residents).
  • Those working in the sake and wine industry (sommeliers, Japanese sake qualification holders, food and beverage businesses, sake retailers, exporters and wholesalers, etc.).
  • To be able to attend the first day of judging in Sydney.
  • To be able to participate in the two judges briefing and lectures.

About the two judges briefing and lectures

In order to ensure fair judging, each judge is requested to attend two training sessions or watch recorded video footage before the judging session.

First session for judges Saturday, 23 March, 2024
Second session for judges Saturday, 20 April, 2024
Time 9am-10am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Method of delivery Online (using Zoom)

Entry Procedure for Jury

1. Application period 1 February 2024 - 29 February 2024
2. How to enter Please proceed with your registration using the application form below.
3. Notification of acceptance of the jury We will send you the final information by email after 5 March, 2024.


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