Australian Sake Awards

Australian Sake Awards

Australian Sake Awards is the International Sake Competition held in Sydney, Australia. A pre-selected Australian jury of judges tastes and judges the sake entries to the competition and selects the sake that is preferred in the Australian market.

The judges are made up of professionals, such as Australian sommeliers, sake retailers, food and beverage industry professionals, sake qualification holders, and sake importers and wholesalers. Each judge is required to attend a sake lecture for judges in advance to learn more about sake and attend the judging.

The competition aims to communicate the diverse attractions of sake to the consumer and develop sake experts with the goal to contribute to the long-term development of the Australian market.

Event Purpose

1. To Select the Sake that Resonates with the Australian Market

The food and beverage industry professionals and liquor sales representatives will select sake that aligns with the food style of Australians.

2. To Increase the Level of Expertise within the Sake Industry

Providing advanced educational opportunities, and further development of sake knowledge, through the judging experience to people working within the F&B industry with a focus on Japanese Sake.

This includes sommeliers, educators and industry representatives who are selling sake to customers on a daily basis.

Why participate ASA

While there are various sake competitions around the world, the Australian Sake Awards focuses on "selecting sake that is well-liked in the Australian market".

The winning sake will be officially recognized at the awards ceremony, posted on the official website, and reported in a wide range of Japanese and Australian media, including Australia's domestic sake media, Sake News. In addition, a specially designed medal will be available for the winners to use to gain recognition within Australia as well as to promote the international reputation of sake in Japan.

The competition will also provide a forum for the Australian Sake Industry to promote the diversity and attractiveness of Japanese sake to the Australian public through tasting events, seminars, and other activities aimed at educating the public at a high level and fostering the development of Japanese sake experts.

Australian Sake Awards Incorporated will be the main organiser of the awards and will work with various government agencies and related organisations to ensure that the awards are run in a transparent and integrated manner as a Japanese sake industry event.

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